How to Ruin Dinner
How to Ruin Dinner
HTRD Episode #27: Dale Casamatta, Untangling Evolutionary Relationships

Ok, that’s not exactly what we talk about in this episode, but it is what Dr. Casamatta
does in his lab, where he studies cyanobacterial systematics. In this conversation, we discuss
the question of what constitutes life—are viruses alive? We also discuss environmental ethics
and humans’ impact on other species and our responsibility to those other beings—Dr.
Casamatta studies aquatic ecosystems and algae in Florida Springs and waterways.

Please forgive the abruptness at the beginning of this conversation; I started the recorder a bit
late! And HTRD is very happy to welcome my accidental co-host for this episode, my partner,
Peter Treyz. His background in marine biology contributed significantly to the discussion of
marine biology.

During this conversation, I mention Dr. Frans de Waal’s work, but I get his name wrong; here is
the correction

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