How to Ruin Dinner
How to Ruin Dinner
Episode #39 - Dr. Danielle LaSusa - Matrescence and Its Stresses: Philosophy and The Postpartum

In this episode, Dr. Mary Treyz and UNF psychology student Lissa Roche interview Dr. Danielle LaSusa, who earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy at Temple University with a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies.  Lissa and Dr. LaSusa experienced PPMDS (postpartum mood disorders), and we discuss these searing events and the often confounding period of matrescence (think adolescence), a term coined in the 70s by Dana Raphael to describe the liminal stage between pregnancy and motherhood.


This episode discusses Dr. LaSusa’s work:

Dr. LaSusa  awaits at:

Lissa Roche, UNF Undergrad Psychology B.A. Student


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