Episode #44 – Message in a Needle

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How to Ruin Dinner
How to Ruin Dinner
Episode #44 - Message in a Needle

Embroidering for Peace and Memory is a project Dr. Constanza Lopez with the Department of Languages, Literature, and Culture brings to the UNF campus every year. The idea originated in South American Women’s remembrances of disappeared loved ones. As the project has expanded into other cultures, the collections of stitchings address concerns as varied as anti-war movements, the environment, human rights, and bullying. Whether expertly sewn or the work of shaky greenhorns, the messages of hope, longing, and demands inspire onlookers to reflect on the state of the world and its people. The power of these bits of cloth and thread is undeniable.


This Protest Art was on display at UNF’s Peace Plaza this Fall, and students, faculty, and staff were all in on it. In small groups, they stitched white muslin rectangles into messages of hope, concern, sorrow, and inspiration. An eruv of colorfully emblazoned flags revealed dreams of equality and harmony with brightly threaded words and images—the site transformed from a busy thoroughfare into a vibrant town square of concerns.

In this episode, Dr. Lopez explains the project and how she came to incorporate it into her work and the life of UNF. Her sincerity and commitment to this project speak to the generosity of feeling, which informs her thinking about our responsibilities to each other and ourselves.

Enjoy this inspiring discussion of art and protest.

Link the Embroidering for Peace and Memory Website



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