How to Ruin Dinner
How to Ruin Dinner
Episode #45 - What Makes an Artist?

Georgia McGovern and Sebastijan Jemec 

Mary Treyz with Guest Host Madeline Cattin

It’s family time once again on HTRD.  The artist Georgia McGovern – my niece – and the artisan Sebastijan Jemec – not my nephew – stopped by the studio to speak with me and my returning guest host Madeline Cattin about what it means to create and be creative.  On their way home to New York City from Art Basel in Miami, they have fresh thoughts about the business of art, the value of art, and how art can inform our understanding of ourselves and our environment.  Along those lines, Georgia and Sebastijan created an installation that almost no one can access in Joshua Tree National Park – what’s that about?

And what about the tedium and repetitive nature of making art?  How is that creative?  We bat that question around for a while, and then just as we say our goodbyes, Madeline drops Merleau-Ponty on us, and all becomes clear!

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