How to Ruin Dinner
How to Ruin Dinner
Episode #49 - How to be an Autodidact: Lessons in Curiosity

Guest: David Jaffee

How to be an Autodidact: Lessons in Curiosity

Counter-hegemony, myth-busting, and public sociology are a few of the topics that David Jaffee talks about in this episode of HTRD. Dr. Jaffee explains his career as a Jack of all trades and how his early fascination with politics led him to a Ph.D. in Sociology. But don’t look for him in an ivory tower; David likes to work in the public square with students and community members on issues from the viability of the Jacksonville Port to the rental housing market. The current political agenda in Florida that seeks to direct educational outcomes is top of mind for him. And as an administrator, researcher, and professor, Dr. Jaffee has a keen commitment to presenting a cultural and political counter-hegemonic approach to the challenges facing us as the United States of America and members of the University of North Florida.   Listen to find out what all that means.

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