Episode #51 – S-#$%^& : the New S-word

Sean Freeder
How to Ruin Dinner
How to Ruin Dinner
Episode #51 - S-#$%^& : the New S-word

Once in a great while, an insult is lobbed with such grace that it isn’t until it rockets passed your racquet that you realize you’ve lost the point. In this case, Florida is the hapless opponent. Sean Freeder, a Political Science professor at UNF, describes Florida as the perfect place for an academic trying to understand how and if political rhetoric and reality are related. See what I mean? This line of inquiry has a distressing aspect, but it’s sneaky.

In this episode, Dr. Freeder explains what we want to talk about when we pretend to be interested in the economy and how we long for narratives that place us in the middle of heroic epics. And then there is the S- word. My question is: why use it? And then the question becomes, why am I so excited by its use?


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