Episode #52 – The Art of Activism

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How to Ruin Dinner
Episode #52 - The Art of Activism

Sheila Goloborotko is an artist on a mission.  Like her art, she comes to her activism from many angles.  Queer, Latina, Jewish and engaged with the world through art and culture, Prof. Goloborotko offers a perspective on the world that is seldom heard.  Paper making with veterans and her print project Blocktober are two initiatives that show her determination to bring art and activism to the public and engage with the wider Jacksonville community.

Below you can find links to her work and her bio in her own words.  I could have talked to her forever!  Enjoy this conversation.



Sheila Goloborotko engages in a relentless auto-ethnographic examination of contemporaneous issues as a form of resistance and poetic activism. Resulting works take symbols of transience, impermanence, and stasis— natural systems, founding documents, language, and democracy itself—and make them changeable, shifting, active, unsettled. In an ideal merging of method and message, Goloborotko invites us into the chaos to find meaning and to engage in important questions about our relationship with nature, information, and one another.

Kitchen as a Studio, an online course, is an extension of Sheila’s research into alternative printmaking methods in the absence of a professional studio and press use. This research began before Covid as an effort to bring printmaking to the underserved and indigenous communities in Latin America and other countries.

This course has been taught for several years in our department and has been highlighted by CIRT and the Office of Faculty research as a model course. Check the following links for more information regarding Professor Goloborotko’s research development in this class:


Printing without a Press 

Here is an example of one of her innovative methods of printing without the use of a press but a caster:


Curatorial Research

PRINT+: Sameness and Otherness in Contemporary Printmedia

March 17 – August 27, 2023

Print+ focuses on the importance of showcasing artwork where diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion create an essential and fertile ecology.

In this gathering, artists coming from diverse backgrounds and multiple intersectionalities present works of protest and resistance using one or more printing elements; the inks, the matrixes, the paper, the equipment, or the print. The resulting artwork can range from two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects to time-based videos and performances; from hospital gowns to quilts, from handkerchiefs to cotton; from folded paper to photographs. Each work tells a unique story as varied as the lives of the participating artists.

Curated by UNF Associate Professor Sheila Goloborotko. This exhibition was originally presented at the Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ, in 2021.


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