How to Ruin Dinner
How to Ruin Dinner

And you thought that Philosophy 101 course had no real-world application, Ha!.  Georgette Dumont clears up that mistaken notion.  In this episode we discuss the importance of critical thinking in the successful implementation of an activist’s agenda.  She encourages activist’s to do the research necessary for understanding what is at stake, who has the power to change a given situation, how to address the right agencies, when to employ which strategies, and where efforts are best placed.  It is the responsibility of the leadership of any group to know the details, history and consequences of an issue.  And it is the college educated person’s training in critical thinking that can be of great use to an organization and movement as they try produce a change in society.

Dr. Dumont, as an elected official in city government and  as a consultant to non-profit organizations, knows how to implement change and  address needs from the mundane –parking slots – to fund raising – who to ask for what.

HTRD, should have opened this series on activism with this discussion, but we got to it eventually!  Enjoy this tutorial on how to be an activist.

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