How to Ruin Dinner
How to Ruin Dinner
HTRD: EPISODE #33: Mandi Barrington. PH.D.

In this episode of How To Ruin Dinner, Mandi Barrington leads us through the complicated maze of Gender Studies as an educator and an “accidental activist.”

We discuss her use of a robot image as her professional portrait; how it forestalls easy categorizations and defies expectations.  The conversation flows over the challenges and limitations of defining oneself through sexual identity and around the rocky shoals of gendered pronouns. And, in what comes up repeatedly in these conversations, how language has to stretch and retract to accommodate new insights.

Mandi shares her definition of activism and reflects on the power of a trusting and open group of learners to change minds and create insights through empathy.

I hope you will enjoy this episode as much as I did.

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