How to Ruin Dinner
How to Ruin Dinner
HTRD: Episode #34 - Sarah LaChance Adams. Ph.D.

What are the ethics of activism? Conversations with philosophers are all about asking questions.  We start by trying to define activism and end up talking about moral deference.  How did we get there?  Sarah lets me ramble through some ideas and then focuses our discussion around examples from the Minnesota tribes fighting to preserve ancestral land from oil pipelines that threaten it.  We discuss the Me Too Movement and examine how we listen to women and other decentered groups.  And that leads us to the challenge of claiming ideas rather than ceding them to political and social movements that narrow our understanding of human flourishing.

Modest and thoughtful, almost to a fault, Dr. LaChance Adams redeems herself in the end by claiming that she has never, ever ruined dinner.


Two books Dr. LaChance Adams recommends:

The Case for Rage: Why Anger is Essential to Anti-Racist Struggle .  Myisha Cherry

Don’t Think of An Elephant!; Know Your Values and Frame the Debate.   George Lakoff


Enjoy this conversation.

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